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What is Elastabytes?

Elastabytes is an innovative new venture that is changing the way we think about cloud management.

Our Company

Elastabytes is the product of an exciting new joint venture between Bytes Software Services, the UKs number 1 Microsoft LSP, and ElastaCloud, the thought leaders for Big Data, High Performance Computing and cloud platform innovation. 

Elastabytes was created to be the engine for valuable managed services delivery to cloud platforms with Microsoft Azure being one of the company’s early focusses. The company harnesses the experience and customer reach of Bytes Software Services with the capability, innovation and Azure leadership of ElastaCloud.

Agility is Elastabytes’ key asset, stemming from an ability to garner feedback from a wide range of clients, design and build solutions, and deliver them rapidly back to the market. 

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What we do

More and more businesses are looking to the Microsoft Azure cloud as the best option to locate their Microsoft SQL Server estate because of flexibility and a view to achieving the optimum performance and cost. Microsoft currently host more than 1.5M SQL Server databases on their ‘Platform as a Service’ offering.

Once in the cloud, your databases will still need looking after and with SQL Server heavily integrated into mission critical infrastructure and applications, understandably, businesses looking to move their SQL Server estate into the cloud need to overcome concerns about not having these vital systems close to home.

Elastabytes SQL Azure Managed Services provides customers with that peace of mind at a significantly lower cost than traditional DBA solutions. The ultimate SQL in the cloud care package, our service ensures that your databases are backed up, always available, supported and are performing at their very best for your business.

Not in the Cloud?

With technical capability to SQL MVP level, Elastabytes are well placed to help you migrate your SQL estate to the cloud with a flexible engagement model that allows you to make the most of your own internal resources, should you wish.

Alternatively, we can provide a full transition plan with resources to make a managed move on your behalf.


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