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As the benefits of the Microsoft Azure Cloud are being realised by more and more businesses around the world, Elastabytes are making sure companies are informed and effective in their Azure usage from their very first steps.
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Azure Fast-Start is making the Azure Cloud Simple...


Moving to the Microsoft Azure Cloud? Great decision. You’re about to completely revolutionise your business with the benefits of elastic scaling, cost optimisation, and modern applications and services that will unleash your true potential. As you start on your Azure journey it is important that you get  yourself into the Cloud way of thinking from day one. Developing architectures and services in the Cloud can be different from the way you would do on-premises. You will want to get the most from moving to the Cloud so you can realise the true benefits of this agile and scalable platform. So where do you begin this task? Right here with Elastabytes’ Azure Fast-Start.



Azure Fast-Start is a  2-3 day workshop that will help guide you through your first steps into the Azure Cloud, including full Onboarding with one of our expert engineers. Starting from just £1100 per day, your workshop can be tailored to your specific business needs with our large range of topics, so you’re set for whatever the future of your Azure Cloud may hold. Elastabytes have developed a series of workshop options so you can pick and choose the topics you would like to cover, or you have the option to custom-make your own workshop for special areas of knowledge or as an extra day on the end of your selected Elastabytes workshop. Our team is formed of industry experts and experienced Microsoft MVPs, so you know that in an Elastabytes Fast-Start workshop you will be learning from the very best.

Pick one workshop, combine two, or work with us to custom build your own - the possibilities are endless.

Taking Your Infrastructure to the Cloud

This 3 day Fast-Start workshop will help you work out how you are going to take your on-premises workloads to the Azure cloud platform. Want to know the differences between IaaS and PaaS and whether they will work for you? Let’s look at your architecture and work through some best-practice scenarios.

Backup Your Data and Maximize Your Uptime

The OMS suite is comprised of Automation, Backup/Recovery, Security and Log Analytics. It is your go-to monitoring and management tool for the Azure Cloud. This 2 day Fast-Start workshop will show you setup, patterns and techniques along with delivery to your support teams.

Run, Backup or Archive Database Workloads in Azure

Azure SQL Database is one of the leading Platform services in Azure, however you can also run SQL Server in a Virtual Machine. Knowing which to use and why is something you want to get right from the very first day. This 2 day workshop will take you through the possible options, explain the pros and cons of each, and apply our expert knowledge to your environment, meaning you will be on the right path from the start.

Develop repeatable Azure Resource Management Templates

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates are how resources in Azure should be deployed. If you want to repeatedly deploy resources to Azure to build out your environments and do this consistently, .you will need a basic knowledge of ARM. This is a 1 day workshop and is recommended in combination with one of our other Fast-Starts.

Move your Applications to Azure

Often people want to know how their applications will look in Azure. This assessment will start with in depth analysis and review of your current application. We’ll work with you to understand what is needs to be addressed and make the required recommendations and  fixes, then finally cost the solution running in Azure. This is a 2 day workshop.

Pick and Choose

This Fast-Start is self configured. You tell us what you want to know about Azure and we’ll work with you and run a workshop that fully covers your needs. Something you’re burning to learn about that’s not listed above? Our experts are the best people to ask.

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